sleeve: a part of a piece of clothing that covers all or part of your arm

a dress with short/long sleeves

Dan rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands.

Source: Oxford Learner's Dictionary

Now, what do you call "a part of a piece of clothing that covers all or part of your leg"?

Normally, people say “the legs of your pants, shorts” etc.

Is it common to say "put your leg through the left leg of your pants"? but then we have to repeat the word "leg" twice, which is a little cumbersome.

  • There isn't any other word for it. As a Brit I would say trouser-leg if the context wasn't clear.. In your sentence, you could say 'left side of your pants' if you want to avoid repeating 'leg'. – Kate Bunting Jan 30 at 9:42

The correct term is:

Trouser Leg - the leg of a pair of trousers

I know you were probably hoping for a one word answer, but I don't believe there is one.

Note that in the US, you may use "pant leg" instead.

The following sounds most natural to me:

Put your leg through your left trouser leg

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