Is there a significant difference between these two sentences? which one is more appropriate when we have to tell our kid to wash his hands before having food.

  1. Go and wash your hands
  2. Go and get your hands washed

How these two sentences are different?

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I personally never heard (2) (at least, for the verb to wash), but I would say (1) is more recommended, because it is more straight-forward and thus sends out the message clearer and faster.

Also, I would lose the and there, so it looks like this:

Go wash your hands.

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    Go wash your hands is the American usage; British English would use and. Sentence (2) could be understood to mean have your hands washed by someone else, but in fact get [a task done] is often used colloquially when giving orders to a child. Jan 30, 2020 at 11:54

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