I'm looking for an expression that would mean someone takes control over someone else, like in a bad relationship, when someone takes a dominant posture in spite of the other person. Google would translate this sentence :

You got your grip on me

As so in french. Though I know "get a grip" has a totally different meaning, so I suspect it isn't correct.

I also encountered this sentence :

You took hold of me

Please tell me if these google translations have meaning to you and if not, what would be the most appropriate expression to use.

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    As you say, metaphoric get a grip [on oneself] has a totally different meaning (keep or recover one's self-control). That doesn't imply She's got him in her grip can't be used metaphorically, but it wouldn't be common. Consider alternative metaphoric references, such as She's got him on a string (she's a "puppet-master"), or She's got him dancing to her tune (she's the controlling choreographer). Moving further afield, ...under her thumb (physically constrained, unable to act or move without her permission). Feb 2, 2020 at 15:33

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Your sentence is very close to an idiomatic phrase:

To have (got) a [grip | hold] on [somebody | something].

You've got a grip on me.

You have a hold on me.

There is also a Beatles song called "You Really Got A Hold On Me"

Note that the first time the title is sung, it's:

You've really got a hold on me

Then the backing singers repeat it without ['ve] as in the title.

From Wiktionary:


hold (plural holds)

  1. Power over someone or something.
    • 2008, Christopher Clarke-Milton, Dawn of the Messiah - Book 1, →ISBN, page 199:
      The Judge accepts the payment, the law no longer has a hold on you, and therefore you are free to walk out of the court a free man or woman.
    • 2013, Wim Wenders & Mary Zournazi, Inventing Peace: A Dialogue on Perception, →ISBN, page 107:
      War has a hold on our cultural imaginations as an inevitable force, it is peace that has no benefactor.

"grip" is often a synonym of "hold".

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