Usually a successful person thanks to his wife or parents for his success during a public speaking.

On the other hand, what if someone becomes successful while his spouse/parents always discouraged him, or insult him continuously?

What does he say in such a situation? Something like:

  • I've succeeded despite all her discouragements?
  • I've succeeded against all discouragements of her.
  • I've succeeded against all insulting of her.
  • I've succeeded not because of her but in spite of her.
  • Your first and fourth options sound fine. The "succeeded against" options do not sound fine. I think they are ungrammatical, and they are definitely not idiomatic. – stevekeiretsu Feb 3 at 18:21
  • @stevekeiretsu Thank you for the comment Steve. Then, I'll prefer to use fourth one. – Jack Houston Feb 10 at 1:17

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