What the different between "So exciting to be part of it" and "So excited to be part of it"

which one is correct?

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    Not much difference. – Hot Licks Jan 31 at 3:14
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    They're both correct, but they mean different things. Both are the result of Conversational Deletion, but from different sentences: It is so exciting .. versus I am so excited .. The boldface part is what's deleted. – John Lawler Jan 31 at 3:48
  • @HotLicks Quite a bit, in fact. See also, Prof Lawler's comment. – Kris Jan 31 at 11:13
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  • I’m with HotLicks - there is little to separate them in terms of meaning. When someone pronounces a personal opinion about what is and isn’t exciting (“It is so exciting...”) they are effectively saying “It is so exciting... for me.” This puts it very close to the same meaning as, “I’m so excited...”. – Orbital Aussie Feb 1 at 4:26

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