Please help me understand the meaning of the phrases "clunk open latches" and "clack switches" in the following sentence (not available online):

In the game you’ll clunk open latches and clack switches on doodads to reveal ever more elaborate mysteries.

The sentence is from a description (offline text) of the game Old Sins.

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    The text is basically saying "in the game you will open/close latches and press switches on various objects to reveal mysteries". As @user279030 points out, the words "clunk" and "clack" are not critical to the meaning of the sentence but are intended to make it richer. They are examples of onomatopoeia, which are words which sound like the thing they are describing and are used to "poetic effect". For example you could say "My friend lost his balance and plopped straight into the swimming pool". Plopped describes the act of falling or dropping in the pool, but the "plop" also sounds – Paul Feb 4 at 15:29
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    like the noise we make when we fall in water. So in your example the clack and clunk are just examples of the same - nice descriptive words that aim to make the text "richer". – Paul Feb 4 at 15:29

The words clunk and clack suggest the sounds of doing those things.

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  • please include Pauls comments into your answer, and credit him. – WendyG Feb 4 at 15:44
  • Please include references for this usage. – CJ Dennis Feb 4 at 21:44
  • I did not include Pauls comments into my answer because they had not been posted when I answered. – user279030 Feb 5 at 16:08

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