It sounds like the tutorial is saying (a video link with a time stamp)

placing it in an oiled bowl just give blah it blah a quick roll around in the oil, and covering with a damp cloth ...

I listened over and over again, and I cannot figure out what blah could be, could someone give a hint?

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"just givin' it a quick roll around..." is what I hear where givin' is just slang for giving.

  • givin' is not slang....but yes, it is: just giving it a quick roll around in the bowl
    – Lambie
    Mar 27, 2021 at 18:24

What you are hearing is not a word.

Watch the video at the moment you refer to - the dough in the bowl visibly jumps, so some frames of the video have obviously been cut out. The audio has quite a bit of echo on it, which suggests it was recorded along with the video, rather than added later as a voiceover to the edited video.

It seems to be a video editing mistake - the video has been cut badly, and maybe part of a word, or parts of two words have been left in.

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