Tell me please if the followig sentence sounds natural.

I like going by bus.

What I am trying to say is that I like to go to some places, such as libraries, stores, post offices etc, using the bus. Would a native English speaker ever say something like that?

  • Yep, all the time. – user105719 Feb 5 at 11:04

That would be a good reply to a question:

How do you usually get to the library?


I like going by bus.


what's your favorite way to get to the shopping mall?


I like going by bus.

So, it's a valid answer... However, would it make sense to say that, out of the blue, without mentioning any destination? Probably what you mean to say is:

  • "Generally, I enjoy travelling by bus."
  • "I like riding the bus."
  • "The bus is the best way to get around."
  • "Usually I ride the bus, (whenever I go someplace)." etc.

The original sentence "I like going by bus" should have a reference to where you are going.

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