Tell me please which sentence sounds more natural?

Let's go go-karting this weekend.

Let's do go-karting this weekend.

If neither is natural, what would a natural way to say that?

  • You confuse the issue by having an example activity that starts with go-. Not that native speakers would normally even notice the repetition after Let's go..., but non-native speakers might be distracted by it. So far as "idiomatric choices" are concerned, it would be exactly the same question if you'd asked about Let's go / do swimming. Feb 9 '20 at 17:58

Both are fine. These are only two of several hundred ways to express similar ideas. If you need to "go" somewhere then "go go-karting" would seem an obvious choice. But How about:

Shall we visit the go-kart track?
What about go-karting this weekend?
We could visit Cranley Park [where they have go-karts].

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