she went out dissapointed


She went out dissapointedly.

What is the difference in meaning of these two sentences

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    You misspelled disappointed. – krobelusmeetsyndra Feb 12 at 14:41
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    Perhaps the second sentence describes her manner of leaving, and others can see her disappointment. The first sentence might just describe her inner state. – Weather Vane Feb 12 at 14:45

-ly turns an adjective (or a participle being used like an adjective) into an adverb.

Adjectives modify nouns, adverbs modify verbs (or adjectives or other adverbs).

The effect is that this turns a word that says "what kind of X is X" into a word that says "how is X done".

she went out disappointed

This means she was disappointed (disappointed complements she - "went out" is being used copularly like be, seem, become, etc.).

she went out disappointedly

This means she went out in a disappointed way (disappointedly complements the verb phrase "went out" - explaining how she went out).

Now, you probably won't go out in a disappointed manner if you aren't disappointed, so both these expressions do lead to the same conclusion, but in a different way.

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