If a company's name is Daniel's what is the correct possessive form ? Like in the sentence " I used to work at Daniel's ' / 's Human Resources Department "

  • 1. It is not obligatory to use the possessive form of a company name; 'I work at Ford' is more standard than 'I work at Ford's' 2. Many native speakers might avoid an awkward double possessive by using an article: 'I work at the Daniel's HR Department', or just avoiding the second possessive altogether: 'I work at Daniel's HR Department', See here english.stackexchange.com/questions/2933/… – Michael Harvey Feb 12 at 18:44
  • The London store Harrods, founded by Charles Harrod, has no apostrophe. – Weather Vane Feb 12 at 19:16

When used as the name of a company, Daniel's has an implicit subject attached to the possessive Daniel - Daniel's Stores, Daniel's Motor Repairs, and the like. Maintaining the unspoken subject would mean Daniel's Stores' HR Department is expressed as Daniel's HR Department.

Practically all native speakers would not consider this and simply say Daniel's HR Department for simplicity's sake.

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