the video is talking (https://youtu.be/4kuhQzbc2Tw?t=76)

"Kind" is a word you've probably heard before. "She is a kind woman.", "He has a kind face." And we mean nice and friendly. Now, you might not be aware that it also is a noun, "as in" category.

I am aware the meaning of what he is saying, namely, "kind" has a meaning of "category".

the speaker uses "as in" there, what does that mean, how do I use it correctly?

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The speaker isn't really using as in correctly. He could have said "...it also is a noun, as in 'What kind of car do you drive?'" It means 'as used in this phrase'.


We can use “as in” when we want to clarify the meaning of something. It’s a way to further the understanding of the reader in a context, and it’s a useful tool to have ready.

This article will explain more about "as in".

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