Teacher) She ignores what I ask her through the class and often talks to other students when I'm teaching and distracts me. I have warned her several times so far, but she always overlooks my statements.
Principal) Uh, I see Mr. Smith, but as far as I know, her parents are divorcing and she is struggling lots of family issues.
Teacher) Oh my goodness! Really?
Principal) Yes, and she is also a super sensitive girl. Try to treat her........................... while we can make a serious decision about her and her educational situation.

a. carefully
b. cautiously (or "in a cautious manner")

I see no difference between these two words here in above example. Please let me know the correct choice here and the reason behind your choice.

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"Cautiously" means "with caution". A caution is a warning, so to do something cautiously involves taking care that something bad or undesirable does not happen.

"Care" does not necessarily mean the same. For example, you could decorate a cake carefully, which would imply that the work was very precise. The outcome of not doing so would be a slightly messy, or unprofessional looking cake - but there would be no bad outcome from it, and the cake would probably taste the same.

So, "carefully" can mean that someone is aware of the danger of not taking care; however it can cover a whole lot of other situations where it simply means more precise.

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Carefully means Attentive to potential danger, error, or harm.It mean a person already know how to tackle the situation which is being faced by the person..

with great attention:

She carefully folded the letter and put it in her pocket.

Drive carefully on those icy roads.

More Examples Of Carefully

It was very improbable, but Robert thought enough of it to look about him carefully.

Therefore, these are matters that should be carefully considered.

Cautiously means Well-considered way that avoid risk.It means A person is being warned about the situation or work that should be done including care so anything don't go Wrong..So basically it's a way of warning with care.

cautiously optimistic

He moved slowly and cautiously along the dark rocky path.

She said cautiously, "You may be right."

He urged the company to proceed cautiously with changes.

More Examples Of Cautiously:

There is a case for moving cautiously on political reform.

We need to tread cautiously and ensure we do not lose public support.

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