This video (https://youtu.be/38-K2rPu8fc?t=167) is talking about the usage of "also" and gives this example

She wrote three emails to him but he didn't answer, he ignored her calls as well.

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The usage of "also" could be explained as,

The "also" is put in the end of the sentence.


The "also" is put in end position.

In term of the position of a component in a sentence, are "in end position" and "at the end" interchangeable ?

I found the speaker like using "in end position". I guess the reason is "at the end" sounds like "the end of a story", is it?

Generally, are "in end position" and "at the end" interchangeable both in writing and speaking?

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The speaker is Russian and has made a mistake in English and omitted the definite article. (from 07:10 in the video)

"in end position" is wrong, it should be "in the end position".

The phrase "in the end position" is grammatically correct but is very rarely used and would not be used in this context. (See [Link to Google Ngrams for "in the end position,at the end]"1)

In any case. "At the end" is far more common and sounds better.

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