right side up ​(North American English) with the top part turned to the top; in the correct, normal position

I dropped my toast, but luckily it fell right side up.

upside down: ​in or into a position in which the top of something is where the bottom is normally found and the bottom is where the top is normally found

The canoe floated upside down on the lake.

We have these term in the dictionary "upside down" and "right side up".

So we can say "You are holding the bottle upside down! Please turn it right side up!"

The bottle is held "upside down" enter image description here

The bottle is turned "right side up" enter image description here

Now, we have "inside-out" in the dictionary

inside-out: with the part that is usually inside facing out

You've got your sweater on inside out.

Turn the bag inside out and let it dry.

For example, "He turned his empty pockets inside-out"

enter image description here

How do I ask him to turn his pockets back to their normal / correct position?

Do we say "Please turn the pockets right side in"? or "Please turn the pockets outside in"?


back to front: ​if you put on a piece of clothing back to front, you make a mistake and put the back where the front should be

I think you've got that sweater on back to front.

This lady is wearing her shirt back to front

enter image description here

How to ask her to wear it correctly? "Please put it on right side front"?

  • For the bottle, you could also say the right way up, and for the shirt, the right way round., – Kate Bunting Feb 19 at 13:24
  • @KateBunting, could I say "please put the shirt on the other way round"? – Tom Feb 19 at 13:31
  • 1
    Yes, you could. – Kate Bunting Feb 19 at 16:21

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