When feet turn inward — a tendency referred to as walking "pigeon-toed" — doctors call it in-toeing. When feet point outward, it's called out-toeing. (from kidshealth.org)

How to express "In-toeing & Out-toeing" in simple terms to a child?

Is it OK to say:

Please do not turn your feet in or out when walking, keep your feet parallel with each other and point them straight forward!

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    parallel isn't exactly an everyday word for most children! Just show the child what you mean, by angling your own feet in or out. – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica Feb 21 at 15:50
  • "Parallel" isn't exactly accurate either. Feet normally point slightly outwards, but not extremely out-pointing. – CJ Dennis Feb 21 at 22:00
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    Out toed is sometimes referred to as "Duck Feet" – Mathaddict Feb 21 at 22:09

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