What phrase or verb do you use to say that someone accidentally has left a pen or marker mark on their face? Which one of the following communiate the idea the best?

You marked your face with the pen.

You stained your face with the pen.

You messed your face with the pen.

I feel that none sounds natural, but I cannot think of a natural way to say that. What would a native English speaker say?

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Usually, unless I saw the person do it, I would simply say:

You have some ink on your face

or (and I imagine this is possibly just an Eng(UK) way of saying it):

You have pen on your face


If I did actually see somebody do it, I'd probably let them know by saying:

You've accidentally drawn on your face


You've got a... There is... You seem to have a... (a smudge, a little something, whatever).

It is often polite to just let your sentence trail off at the dots.

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