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Do we say "put your hair roller on your hair / head / bangs"? But I didn't feel that a hair roller can be used in the same way as a hat or a hairband.

We can say "put your hairband / hat on your head" but for a hair roller we have to roll the hair on it.


You put hair rollers in your hair.

"On" normally means "atop of" - like a hat sits on top of your head. When something is in amongst the hairs of your head, we use "in".

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    Put your hair in rollers or in curlers is also a possibility, at least in British English. The hair is in the condition of being wound round the rollers to curl it. – Kate Bunting Feb 24 '20 at 11:56

curler is a synonym of roller. According to OALD and Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English:

She put her hear in curlers at night.
her hair was in rollers/curlers.

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