There is 1.1 g NaCl in 1 mL

There are 1.1 g NaCl in 1 mL

Which is right?

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    Is 1.1 grams plural? That's the question here. – Lambie Feb 28 at 20:22
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    You can dodge the issue with "1 mL of NaCl weighs 1.1 g". – Weather Vane Feb 28 at 20:34
  • What 'issue'? Decimals are plural. – Michael Harvey Feb 28 at 20:49

if you are writing for publication, or academic purposes, consult the appropriate style guide. Here is what the Chicago Manual of Style has to say:

Decimal quantities are considered to be plural; quantities expressed as fractions are considered to be singular. So write “0.8 miles” but “eight tenths of a mile.” For decimal forms, only the number one is singular: 1 mile. Once you add a decimal, even if it’s a zero, it becomes plural: 1.0 miles.

Thus: there are 1.1 g[rams of] NaCl in 1 mL [of something].

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