A guy described the following picture in this way

The picture shows a beach, with many small boats in the water nearby.

enter image description here

That's good, at least to me.

And then he said

Simple summaries like this make it easy to understand the general contents of the picture.

Where he used the word "contents".

Cambridge Dictionary gives some definitions

the articles or parts contained in a magazine or book, with the number of the page they begin on

the amount of a particular substance contained in something

everything that is contained within something

I guess the last one fits with this situation, any object within the picture, the question is

is it natural to refer to boats or any boat in the picture as a content in the picture?

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No, that's not natural. contents in that definition is never divided into singular bits of content. Similarly we talk about the contents of a suitcase, but would never say one shirt was "a content" of that suitcase.

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