from Oxfords dictionary

I think that rage is verb so the following word should be adv. —> unabatedly.

Plus, rage isn’t linking v. 🤔

Thank you for your explanation in advance.

  • Unabatedly, which is rarely used, would certainly be grammatically correct, but The storm was raging unabated is more idiomatic. The storm continued unabated is grammatically correct as continue is a link verb. Although you are right in saying 'rage' doesn't appear on any list of such verbs, it must be functioning as a link verb here. Ngram has scores of examples of "burned unabated", the earliest being from 1827, so it isn't new. But these days we drive fast more than we drive quickly. We tell children to hold on tight. We ask them, How are you? and they say, Good. Mar 3, 2020 at 2:57


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