splash [transitive] to make somebody/something wet by making water, mud, etc. fall on them/it

splash something on/onto/over somebody/something He splashed cold water on his face.

splash somebody/something with something He splashed his face with cold water.

My clothes were splashed with mud.

splash somebody/something Stop splashing me!

Try not to splash the leaves when you water the plant.

Look at the picture

enter image description here

Your child is stomping in the puddle.

Do you say "Please don't stomp in the puddle. You are splashing my face with the water"?

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From a language perspective, "you are splashing my face with the water" is fine.

From a physics perspective, I would think that your face is probably the least likely part of your body to get wet since it's the farthest from the ground where the puddle is.

From a parenting perspective, you might want to not say anything and just let the kid have fun.


What you said is understandable. I think it would more likely be said this way:
Please don't stamp your feet. You're splashing water in my face!."

So, I think the word "stamp" is more likely than "stomp". It's probably not necessary to mention the puddle, since it is at the center of the action.

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