Is possible to say I like travel meaning I enjoy the acivity of traveling. If it is possibe, then is there any difference between the following sentence pairs?

I like travel.

I like traveling.

I like air travel.

I like traveling by air


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All are acceptable. They simply treat "travel" as a different type of thing.

I like travel.

This is treating "travel" as a noun. It's a thing you like. Some might say things about "nounifying." But I'm not particularly worried, at least in this case.

In particular, "travel" is used here as a mass or uncountable noun. You get some travel, not one travel. Though it is possible to refer to "my travels."

In my travels, I have participated in many colorful local festivals.

You probably would not refer to "one travel" or "several travels."

I like to travel.

Here, travel is a verb. It's an activity you do.

This process does not work equally well for every possible verb. Consider the verb "study."

I need to study a lot to get good grades.

This is fine.

I need a lot of study to get good grades.

This is less usual though still OK.

I find study to be very boring.

This is also unusual. Probably most people would say "studying" instead.

I like study. It is rewarding.

This is very unusual. Probably almost everybody would use "to study" or "studying" instead. (Presuming you could find people who actually do like studying.)

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