Do there have many phrases to describe for the working days of the week? Like usually I have seen:

  • "5 working-day", as known as Monday to Friday.
  • "6 working-day", as known as Monday to Saturday.

I'd like to know if there have other phrases like these below:

  1. Someone who work full-time in 1 day and take-off 1 next day, and repeat whatever the day-in-week.
  2. Someone who just out for work at night, cleaner services, like restaurants, clubs & bars, etc.

As an American, I would say "I work every other day" for the first and would be prepared to explain more.

For the second, I would say "I work nights."

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  • A lot of Brits might say "I work one day on, one day off". – Michael Harvey Mar 11 at 20:44
  • "would be prepared to explain more." This can be emphasised. This would be a very unusual work pattern in the UK (or USA). You would certainly need to explain this. – James K Mar 11 at 22:58
  • I have colleagues who work three days out of five, which are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. – Michael Harvey Mar 12 at 21:20

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