I am going to a business trip and my boss wrote an email saying

Hope you are doing well.

What does that mean? And how to reply?

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    When and where did they say it? Did they or you say anything before this? Was it written? Details, please. In general, you don't need to do anything, apart from thanking them for asking - "Thanks for asking" – jimsug May 23 '14 at 2:14
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If this is in a letter, it is usually a simple common courtesy in letter writing, and does not warrant a specific response. Traditionally, (and I'm talking 17th/18th Century) the correct response to something like this is "Hope you are doing well" i.e. a complete copy of what was said. Saying "I'm fine, thanks" was originally considered bad manners.

But anyway, if it was spoken in modern terms, it's just a simple "hope you're good" or "hope you're ok" and you can reply with something honest "Great, thanks! or "Crap, been better." :)

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