Actress Sharon Stone brought her brand of glamour to Cannes on Wednesday, but apart from the expected red carpet-full of stars there was also a touch of controversy. When French Director Michel Hazanavicius’s film ‘The Search’ was screened it was greeted with both boos and cheers.

Source: http://euronews.com/2014/05/22/controversy-in-cannes-as-the-film-the-search-is-booed-and-cheered/

I am wondering if is literary talking about a new product being advertised at cannes film festival with brand "Stone" , for example, or it is talking figuratively about her beauty !


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It's the glamor, the Sharon Stone way. Her style in that sense is unique.

brand of something means that particular type of something. As in OALD

an unorthodox brand of humour [-the humor in an unorthodox way].


The phrase refers to the particular style of beauty possessed by Sharon Stone. One way to detect this is by observing that glamour is a quality, not a class of product. It also implies that her type of glamour is special or particular, and not possessed or displayed by others.

In the high end clothing and fashion industry, it's common practice to name a product line after the designer; e.g. Calvin Klein. I suspect this turn of phrase (the use of her brand meaning something other a literal product) emerged as a result of this.

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