For years I took the pronunciation of "immersion" as the following. https://howjsay.com/mp3/immersion.mp3 However, the "i" in the American pronunciation on this page is pronounced like "uh".

Which one is the correct pronunciation? I've also noticed this difference in many other words starting with "i" such as "immense" and "immediate".

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It's merely a difference in accent. Both pronunciations are acceptable.

The former ("ih-mersion") would be received pronunciation (i.e. British English), the latter ("uh-mersion") would be commonly associated with certain American accents (it sounds Mid-west or Dixie).

That's not completely comprehensive, to be honest. Both pronunciations are heard everywhere in the English-speaking world. But "ih-mersion" is how you would pronounce the the word if you were trying to sound more formal and "uh-mersion" sounds informal and rural.

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