The would make me feel alive.

Is there an elipsis with 'to' infinitive marker that not displayed before feel? Is there an adjective phrase 'feel alive' with adjective head? Is the 'to feel alive' a direct object because it's an answer of 'What?' question?

,without ellipsis

They would make me to feel alive human.

Is there a noun phrase 'feel alive human'? Is the 'to' a preposition and 'feel alive human' a prepositional object here?


No, there is no omitted to, and it would be grammatically incorrect to include one. Some grammatical constructions require an infinitive with to: others require a bare infinitive (an infinitive without to). According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the verb make meaning cause requires a bare infinitive:

make verb (CAUSE)
B1 [ T ]
to cause something:
[ + infinitive without to ] The wind is making my eyes water.

No, the phrase 'alive human' is not correct. Alive is an unusual adjective- see here, and human in this context must also be and adjective. feel alive, as in the question before you edited it, is fine. If you wanted to add human, you would have to add an and

They would make me feel alive and human


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