Is it correct and natural to use put out in the sense of maiking something available, such as a product or transportation? For example:

Because the buses are overcrowded athorities has decided to put out extra buses on the streets.

The phone is in such high demand that the company decided to put out more phones.

If doesn't sound good, then what would native English speakers use instead of put out?

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Your first example is pretty reasonable, certainly understandable, though I would have written it as ... decided to put _on_ extra buses...

Your second example is also understandable, but not entirely natural to me - it would make sense in some cases, if we were talking about a shop taking stock from their back room and putting it out on the shelves but that doesn't really make sense with phones or similar items. The normal usage in that regard would be Company A put out a new phone today which would mean that they had released an entirely new model, (which isn't what you meant, is it?)

Instead how about: The phone ... company decided to make more phones available or maybe The phone ... company decided to manufacture more phones.

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