There are some young people with low self-esteem, they often speed up their motorbikes suddenly make a deep, very loud noise and to show off or to get attention.

Can we use the verb "roar" to express that?

roar 4 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if a vehicle roars somewhere, it moves very quickly and noisily

The car roared off down the road.

So we say "His motorbike roared off down the road." but the verb is an intransitive and not a transitive verb.

can we say "He roared his motorbike noisily to show people that how cool he is"?

or are there any other ways to express it?

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    There is a also transitive definition: #2. Definition #4 needs an adverb or a preposition. Their example is "The car roared off down the road". – CJ Dennis Mar 23 '20 at 5:26

Another way to express it: "He revved his motorbike noisily."

American Heritage Dictionary "rev" 1a

a. To increase the speed of (a motor, for example): revved the engine.

The word "noisily" already conveys the sonic nuisance.
Another possibility: "He revved his motorbike [aggressively], making the engine roar."

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