Is this correct?

What Java object type would abstract the number of apples to?

The context: An apple or another real-world object can be abstracted into a specific object in the Java programming language. I am trying to ask the other person what Java object type they would use abstract to.

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Grammatically speaking - the verb needs a subject.

What Java object type would you abstract the number of apples to?

Alternatively you can put it in the passive voice:

What Java object type would the number of apples be abstracted to?

On more of a technical level, I probably wouldn't use abstract for assigning a simple count of the number of objects, only when there is more indirection at play. But I assume this is just a simplified example for the sake of the English question, and the real situation is a more complex refactoring.


To expand on stevekeiretsu's answer, "abstract" needs a subject, and with your current wording, the only one available is the interrogative pronoun "what". That leaves "to" without an object.

And you're a bit ambiguous whether you're abstracting the number of apples or the apples themselves. The former can be handled just with the existing object type of integer.

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