What term should to say this.

Imagine Chicago 1930. Gangsters charging businesses for protection. A guy misses a payment. The enforcer sends a man to get the money.

I have heard a phrase once that was something like "if you don't pay we will ..." meaning that they will send a man, but was less formal than that.


Well, I couldn't think in one word with this whole meaning, so I'll give you some sentences using your idea, it helps?

Mentioning the poet Rihanna

Bitch, better have my money!

When you know you are in debt

You don't want Johnny to pay you a visit


You have until sunday or things are going to get ugly
If you delay even 1 second, heads will roll


Do what I'm telling you to do, otherwise there will be trouble
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    hahaha. VERY GOOD!!! Thanks. – Duck Mar 25 at 20:29

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