This sentence is come from The Economist.I cannot understand it.Please help me.This is the orginal sentence"The coronavirus will leave many scars on China. Some of the longest-lasting, but hardest to see, may involve months of schooling missed by vulnerable students."

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    Welcome to ELL, Word hunter. We expect people to do a little research before asking a question. If that research doesn't answer your question, please update your question to include details of your research... links to definitions, etc. In this case, you could look up all of the words in a good dictionary, for example this one: dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/schooling – JavaLatte 2 days ago
  • It means that ‘months (the period of time lasting about 30 days) will be missed (not attended) by vulnerable (likely to get coronavirus) students (those who still learn at educational institutions)’. Without a clear explanation of what it is you’re finding strange or difficult about the sentence, we can’t help you more than that. – Fivesideddice 2 days ago

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