I have a very confusing exercise in my workbook. There are 4 options. This is the question: I wouldn't like _____ in bed until noon, although I enjoy _____ 1) to lie, to sleep 2) lying, sleeping 3) lying, to sleep 4) to lie, sleeping I have no idea. Hopefully you can help me.


  • Greetings, Welcome to the community. Have you done any research online? Please share it with contributors. – Fermichem Mar 26 at 17:25
  • Yes I did some research, but I think there are several options... Sadly there is only one answer correct. – user110820 Mar 26 at 17:29
  • tell us what you think and why. – anouk Mar 26 at 17:51
  • Apart from the actual title, where does “Present Simple” figure in this question? Also, I think from your point of view, “Present Continuous” and “Gerund” are probably "the same thing". What you really seem to be asking about is the choice between infinitive (to sleep) and gerund (sleeping) - which has been asked about on ELL many times before. – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica Mar 26 at 17:57