As a German speaker, I'm surprised to hear by myself/yourself/himself... or on my/your/his... own where I would have expected the word alone or myself/yourself/himself... (without by). Meanwhile, I even started to doubt if I ever should use the word alone in English. But on the other side, the English word alone exists, so it must be idiomatic in some cases.

So, my question is:
When to use the word alone?
When to use by myself/yourself...?
When to use on my/your... own?


(I thought I had answered this question or one like it, but can't find any trace of it.)

You can use any of those expressions to mean that you have nobody else with you.

Alone can also mean that you are the only person to whom something has happened - "I alone survived the accident."

On my own can also mean that you did something without help - "I found the answer on my own."

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