for example if I say good cute girl or cute good girl does it make any difference? because both Cute and Good are Opinions. if both are correct which one is more common and why?

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    It doesn't make any difference which order you put those two adjectives in - either way round you won't end up with an idiomatically natural noun phrase, so the example context isn't useful anyway. – FumbleFingers Reinstate Monica Mar 29 at 17:28

Although some people don't agree, adjective order in English is often given as: opinion, size, age, shape, colour, origin, material, and purpose. Since 'cute' and 'good' are both opinions, their order does not matter, so you may as well place the one first that you think is most important.

Adjectives order

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If you are asking about the order of adjectives, I would use a more neutral example, such as "this is a beautiful, well-made cake" vs. "this is a well-made, beautiful cake." Either one works, depending on what you are trying to emphasize.

It would be odd for someone to describe a person as either a "cute good girl" or "good cute girl" because the phrase "good girl" (as well as bad girl, good boy, and bad boy) have specific connotations in English that imply a value judgment about the person's moral character. Someone might say that their dog is a "cute, good girl!" but it would be weird to say it about a person.

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  • How about adding some reference? – WXJ96163 Mar 29 at 22:38
  • Do you mean for the adjective order, or the meaning of good/bad girl/boy? – SarahT Mar 30 at 0:05
  • Sorry, I wrote that comment directly from review queue, I was trying to suggest adding some reference for the adjective order. And I came here again because of the INBOX message. And then I found another answer has given a link. So, just ignore it. Thanks for your contribution and kindness. – WXJ96163 Mar 30 at 2:12

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