In my review queue, I received a nice answer and I suggested adding some reference. A few minutes later the answerer asked what kind of reference needed.

I received that response and redirected to the post. And then I discovered another answer in the post has already provided the reference. So, I replied

... I came here again because of the INBOX message. And then I found another answer has given a link. So, just ignore it...

I guess my response is grammatical.

per Cambridge Dictionary, "find" means "to discover where a thing is unexpectedly". It is the situation, I didn't expected there has already been a reference in that post. "Discover" is used in the definition, so I guess I could substitute "discovered" for "found".

... I discovered another answer has given a link ...

So, "found" and "discovered" are interchangeable in this context, is my understanding? Could someone please give a hint? Thanks in advance.

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Discovered and found have the same meaning (only a slight difference).

The difference is: Discover means to find information, a place, or an object, especially for the first time.

Example: Columbus discovered America (he found America for the first time).

Find means to find something or someone not for the first time or to encounter or discover something being searched for; to locate.

Example: I had lost my phone, after searching for an hour I found it in my bed.

In your example, you found the answer or link for the first time, so you can say 'discovered'. You could also say I came across the answer that had given a link.

(By inbox message, do you mean 'notification'?)

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    Your answer is very helpful. Thank you so much. Yes, by inbox message, I mean the notification next to avatar.
    – WXJ96163
    Mar 30, 2020 at 7:20
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    Good answer but a little deceptively contrastive, it's quite rare that there's only one right answer and even rarer that "found" is wrong. Mar 30, 2020 at 9:02

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