I need to make a new sentence with the verb in brackets:

Many bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. (to be believed).

I thought it could be

Many bacteria believed to be resistant to antibiotics.

but it sounds weird to me, because how can bacteria believe anything? How can I rephrase the part in bold to make the sentence grammatical?

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    Many bacteria are believed to be [something]. – Michael Harvey Mar 29 at 10:55
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  • You write it if you want to. – Michael Harvey Mar 29 at 20:07
  • Answers to low quality questions like this one (count the close votes) attract downvotes. Comments don't. – Michael Harvey Mar 29 at 20:08
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    @MichaelHarvey that is not a good reason for abusing the intended design of the SE system. (Also, in my experience, your assertion not generally true in the ELL SE anyway) – Foogod Mar 30 at 18:46

Passive verbs in English are always formed using the appropriate form of the verb "be" and a perfect participle.

The wine was drunk by my guests before I even arrived.

"Was" is a form of the verb "be" and "drunk" is the perfect participle of "drink."

Sometimes the form of the verb "be" is itself in the form of a participle plus an auxiliary.

The wine was being drunk rapidly when I arrived.

The wine should have been drunk after I arrived.

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