screenshot of the caption: "And a lot of people went with it." with "went with it" underlined.

frame from a video of President Trump with the caption "we had very very hard five massive major ammunition sites" underlined.

The source is https://youtu.be/5QZmMWSVw_4?t=159

  1. What does went with it mean?

  2. 'We had very,very hard five massive major ammunition sites' -> What is it about?

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    The context is important in understanding these sentences, and even then, it's confusing. Many politicians have a confusing verbal style.
    – SarahT
    Apr 3, 2020 at 2:20

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He's actually saying "We hit very, very hard, five massive major ammunition sites."

Now that you know that he's talking about a hit on an ammunition site, hopefully the "went with it" becomes clear - they were killed as a result of the attack.


Please, please don't use Trump to learn English haha.

For "went with it": A boat that was on the ocean that suddenly sails over a current "went with the current" or "went with it". Likewise, things happened and, like a current, people "went with it".

For the other sentence: The subtitles are wrong here, but even if they were right, a more competent English speaker would say, "We hit five major ammunition sites hard".

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