The context is:

Have you looked my links?
я хочу (я хочу посмотреть их сегодня вечером).

Is it possible to use short answer? (i want, i wish)

and also is it possible to say "i will" in some cases.


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As an answer to the question

Have you looked at my links (the links I sent you)?

you can answer

I will.

but that's a bit brusque, and it'd be a little more appropriate, I believe in Russian as well, and any language for that matter, to say

  • No, but I will.
  • No. I will, though.
  • No, I haven't, but I will.
  • No, I'm going to do it tonight.

The last one would be used if you had decided this when the conversation took place, and you just clarified it then.

Maybe even apologize, like this:

Sorry, I haven't, but I will.

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