So, I'm looking for a general term/phrase to refer to sanitary plastic equipment. Suppose there's a manufacturer which produces plastic products such as hair salon aprons, gloves, masks, and so on, what would one say they produce?

sanitary plastic ware?
sanitary plastic equipment?
hygienic plastic equipment?
hygiene work wear?

Honestly I would share the result of my research with you guys here, but I've been looking up definitions for an hour now and I haven't been able to reach a conclusive result. Hence, My question here.


The term I've heard a lot recently is "personal protective equipment" (PPE) for masks, gloves, and other wearable items. Other terms might be "safety products" or "protective products."

"Plastic products" is a generic terms for things made of plastic. Plastic knives, forks, plates, etc. are called plastic tableware.

"Sanitary" products has a very different meaning, referring to toilet paper, personal wipes, feminine hygiene products, etc. "Cleaning products" refers to sponges, cleansers and so on.

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