1. When we were children, we ____________________ collect stamps.
  2. Mr. Wood ______________ read at leat four hours a day when he was young.
  3. John __________________ walk to school in the morning. Now he takes the bus.
  4. They __________________ have lunch at fast food restaurants every Saturday.
  5. In those days, everybody _________________ drink a lot of milk.
  6. Don't worry about him! He ______________________ getting up early every day.
  7. Whenever we came to Coventry we always ________________________ in the Central Hotel. We loved it.
  8. They _________________ smoke when they were young.
  9. Paul is nervous because he _____________________ speaking French in public.
  10. There ___________________ be a cinema in our Town in those days.
  • What do you think? – BillJ Apr 6 at 17:20
  • Who has given you this exercise? Use to is not appropriate for any of them! – Kate Bunting Apr 6 at 19:17
  • What Kate said, plus "used to" isn't even appropriate in some of them – T.J.L. Apr 6 at 19:37
  • Unfortunately, on this site we are not homework solvers. Please tell us what your answers are and why, and we can comment on that. – virolino Apr 7 at 6:35

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