I think that the/no article means of transport will become even more accessible in the future, which will tempt more people to travel.

The grammar rules I know suggest NOT to put "the" here because it is a general context, but a native English speaker, lots of newspapers and my gut tell me to put "the" for some reason. I need to know this reason to not repeat this mistake (if it is a mistake) again.

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The definite article is used when you are talking about one or more specific things:

I put the book that you gave to me last week
I took the books to the charity shop yesterday

An indefinite article is used when you are talking about one non-specific thing:

I need a book to take on holiday with me

No article is required if you are talking about more than one non-specific thing:

I like reading books

If you are talking about a specific means of transport, you use the definite article:

While the means of transport is sometimes the attraction itself... - Tourist management in South Africa

When talking about means of transport in general, you are talking about many different sorts of transport, so you do not use any article:

Some means of transport spread slowly, others rapidly, and some are never adopted in particular areas Improving rural mobility

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