I was connected to the all there is. BY GERRY WHITE

Is "the" acceptable there? There is no example like this.


That's either an error or a poetic use of language. If the latter, it is better conceived of as I was connected to the All-There-Is. The expression all there is is being used as a synonym for universe, and universe definitely takes a definite article.

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I was connected to the all there is. [INCORRECT]

It is incorrect to use the there. Generally a Pre-Determiner (here all) precedes the Central-Determiner (here the). Drop that "the" and the sentence would be correct.

There are situations where the can come before all as in the following sentence -

Due to its bench seat, the all original Ford F100 has no center console or drink holders.

Here the determinative all is not part of Determinative Phrase (DP), rather it's part of the Adjective Phrase (AdjP) - all original. That's why the sentence is correct.

This is completely different to the one OP quoted, where the was part of the Fused Determinative Phrase.

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