Fletcher says to Ray about what Dave did to Michael for not accepting his hand at a party :

Fletcher: Turns out Dave had gone after one of Mickey's lords, did a proper tabloid job on him. It would appear that His Lordship had had a quick spin on one of his attractive young footmen. After the splash, shares crashed, job went, wife followed, and even his kids disowned him. Well, that Dave can't half be a cunt.

What does it mean, "had a quick spin on someone"?

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To take a car for a quick spin is to take it for a brief drive (or ride, which can have sexual connotations); it seems that the lord mentioned had had a brief homosexual/gay affair with one of his servants ('attractive' is a clue to this), and that Dave (a tabloid newspaper journalist?) had exposed this fact in a story in his newspaper. 'Cunt' is often used in British slang (it is very offensive) to mean (of men) treacherous, disloyal, spiteful, cruel, selfish, etc.


It's not a standard phrase, but we can guess from the context (and so can you)

A "footman" is a junior servant. And "His Lordship" did something with that "attractive" footman that:

  1. Would cause a bit of a scandal, so it could be reported (splashed) in the "tabloid" newspapers.
  2. Would cause his wife to leave him.
  3. Might cause his kids to disown him.

It should be easily understood.

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