Is there an idiom that means working hard continuously? Preferably, I would like an idiom that means "work 24/7 without rest", but I can accept something that means "give as much effort as possible". Most idioms seems to be related to working hard, but doesn't imply it's done continuously without rest.

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    Can't think of an idiom but an adverb... ceaselessly or adjective round-the-clock? – Void Apr 12 at 15:08
  • Assiduous, or any of its synonyms – DrMoishe Pippik Apr 13 at 1:12

I can't think of a good idiom but the word "toil" may be closest to what you mean in English. It suggests not just working hard, but also constantly. You can add words like "ceaseless" or "endless" to emphasize the unending nature of the work, such as, "a life of ceaseless toil."

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