Coach tricked the man to have sex with pig by giving him a drug:

Youth 1: How's your man, then, Coach?

Coach: Ah, he'll survive. Wouldn't have been the pig I would have chosen, though.

How does "Wouldn't have been the pig I would have chosen" is related to sex joke?

From my English friend, it means "he were the one having sex with the pig he would have chosen a different one". Coach didn't use the word "sex" anywhere, how is it sex joke on pig?

I find these line in The Gentlemen 2019


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Based on context, it does seem to refer back to the prank.

The "joke" here, though, is that tricking someone into having sex with a pig in the first place is vastly more... relevant (significant? heinous? unthinkable? horrific?) than the relatively minor detail of which specific pig they chose for the "prank".

It's like... remarking on the paint job (or the food service) of a crashed plane. It is beside the point to a ludicrous/absurd degree.

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