I have always used:

Look at the mountains.

Today I saw a sentence:

Look out to the mountains.

Online dictionaries have nothing to say about this. They only have look out to mean watch out.

But I found a lot of sentences with look out to on Ludwig, and most of them are associated with natural sights like, sea, ocean, landscape, etc.

How should I use it?

Thanks in advance.

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In that context, ‘look out’ is similar to ‘look out from’, indicating that you’re enclosed in something — a train, a house, a plane — and ‘to’ in ‘look out to’ is used to indicate that something is distant. So it’s ‘look out [from what we are in] to x’, where x is something far away.

So if you’re on a boat, and you see an island in the distance, you might say to another passenger, ‘look out to that little island!’ In this, you’re saying ‘look out from the boat to that little island’.

The reason it’s often used for natural sights is because generally you view them from something, and from far away.

Hope that helps!

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