I wonder if the phrasing within the following context is semantically correct or not:

  • Can someone tell me why my life is a disaster? Why things always go the other way around to what it should be? That's how my life... (Source)

I would phrase it as follows:

"Why things always go the other way around."

And to me, "to what it should be" sounds redundant.

What do you think? How is it said normally in English?


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Simpler would be:

Why things always go the wrong way


Why things never go the right way

It's not using the "going the other way round" idiom, but I think it's better not to use that here. The "other way round" is not normally considered an especially bad way, just a different way, and you seem like you want to talk about good ways and bad ways, so we would use right vs. wrong way here.

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