What is the difference among the three terms "research study", "research" and "study"?, please help me!, thanks in advance!

  • Have you looked up research and study in the dictionary? – Kate Bunting Apr 16 '20 at 14:07

I'd say sometimes they're interchangeable, depending on the context. Below is the common definition of each term:

Study refers to a single paper or project, for example: This study showed that massage was effective in reducing stress. ← this paper states that massage was effective in reducing stress

Research includes a whole process of performing research: you look deeper into a topic by investigating the topic with different methods, including collecting data, performing trial(s)/experiment(s), and/or reading studies conducted by others... etc. in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. For example: Avoiding bias is important when conducting research.

Research study is a scientific study on a particular topic which includes the process of research and new research results. A study purely based on existing materials without presenting new conclusions will not be called a research study (for example: literature reviews).


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